“I never wanted to smile when I was younger. I was embarrassed about my teeth. Then I had a set of veneers done that weren’t very good at all before I came to Dr. Moats. I really didn’t expect that he would be able to change everything to look so great. But he did. Now I love the way my smile looks. This definitely improved my self-esteem. When I look at other people, the first thing I look at is their teeth, and I think: if mine can look this good, so could theirs.”

M.C., Streamwood, IL

“I needed a lot of dental work done, and I knew Dr. Moats would make it look beautiful, but when I saw what a fabulous job he did with the initial work, I wanted to expand on that and make everything match. Dr. Moats is really an artist, not just a dentist.  What he did makes my whole face light up and makes me feel confident and pretty.  It’s so wonderful to smile now, I love it. I feel happy.”

S.S., Buffalo Grove, IL

“Dr. Moats did a phenomenal job. I feel like a complete package. The day I left his office, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. It makes a total difference in how I feel.”

L.P., Schiller Park, IL

“When I came in, I expected general dentistry to help me get back on track. But now my smile looks great too. The results were a lot greater than what I expected.”

M.G., Charlotte, NC

“I wanted work that would be functional and attractive. Basically, to end up with a nice smile.  I am completely delighted. Dr. Moats went to a great deal of work to get everything just perfect and I really appreciate that. I consider this one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

K.L., Wheeling, IL

“I’ve always been sensitive about my smile because I my front tooth stuck out and made me uncomfortable smiling, especially for pictures. Dr. Moats fixed it completely. I am so please with the result. I’m getting married soon and I am looking forward to smiling for my wedding pictures. Now I’m always getting compliments on my beautiful smile.”

H.A., Arlington Heights, IL

“I couldn’t be happier with the work Dr. Moats did. He’s so thorough. He will keep working and fine tuning until you’re happy with the results. He’s awesome.”

L.B., Arlington Heights, IL

“There really wasn’t any question about choosing Dr. Moats to do my dental work. I love the intensity of how he works. He takes such care and wants everything perfect. The quality of his work is exceptional.”

D.H., Lake Villa, IL

“I had chipped my upper front teeth many years ago. The bonding that was done to repair them wasn’t really very good, but I guess I got used to the way they looked. When Dr. Moats said he could improve the appearance of my front teeth, I trusted him to make my smile look nicer. But I was actually surprised that I liked the results as much as I did.  It has really made me look better and feel more confident about smiling. In my work with the public, I know that a beautiful smile leaves a lasting impression.” 

C.G., Lake In The Hills, IL

“I have had some bad dental experiences in the past, so I am so happy to have found Dr. Moats. I was expecting good work because people had told me about him, but I was surprised everything looked so beautiful. I have always felt it’s very important to smile. It makes people feel better. Now I get a lot of compliments on my smile.”

D.D., Buffalo Grove, IL

“My front teeth weren’t awful, but they weren’t great either. I was getting more and more self-conscious about my smile and I wanted to get my teeth fixed. I went into the whole thing with high expectations because I know Dr. Moats’ work and I’ve seen what he can do. He bent over backward to make sure I got the smile I wanted.”

T.R., Lake In The Hills

“My case was very involved and included a large number of teeth. It had to be perfect, after all, it was a lot of work and a very large investment. Everything looks and feels real, not at all artificial. I’m very pleased with the results. My gum specialist was also very impressed with Dr. Moats’ work.”

B.J., Barrington, IL

“I trust Dr. Moats. I know the result is going to be perfection, because he takes such pride in his work. I had my upper front teeth veneered and I love the way they look. They’re just like my own teeth, only better.”

M.B., Arlington Heights, IL

“My daughter had bonding done on her front teeth by another dentist. She was very unhappy with how it looked and the dentist refused to fix it. We were very grateful when Dr. Moats was recommended to us. Not only is he compassionate and listens to your concerns, his cosmetic dentistry is superb. Dr. Moats removed the old bonding and put on porcelain veneers. My daughter loves her teeth and gets compliments on her smile all the time. Due to her amazing results, I decided to have Dr. Moats redo the bonding on my front teeth and to have my teeth whitened as well. Now my daughter is not the only one getting all the compliments.

Dr. Moats is the only dentist we would trust to work on our teeth. We have total confidence in him.”

S. and K. K., Wauconda, IL

“I have worked for 35 years in the dental laboratory business as both an expert technician and a lab owner, and consistently work with the nation’s best dentists. I feel the quality, consistency and artistry of Dr. Moats’ dentistry place him in an elite group at the top of his profession. I give Dr. Mike Moats a 5-star rating with two thumbs up.”

David Block, owner Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc., Los Angeles, CA